CHW Assessment Services specializes in a variety of evaluations and assessments to find a solution for each client. Navigating the requirements, forms, and legal jargon can be confusing and overwhelming. At CHW Assessment Services, we seek to make various impairment assessments simple and worry-free.

We offer a wide variety of assessment services to suit our clients’ needs.


We use Form #1 for the Assessment of Attendant Care Needs. We can also assess attendant care retro-actively where necessary if care has already begun.


Housekeeping, caregiving and other in-home benefits allow peace of mind in the home. We can assess which in-home benefits would suit the client best and make appropriate recommendations.


We use standardized tests to assess attention, memory, organization, vision, executive skills, behaviour, and other cognitive functions. These assessments are valuable for assessing the client’s long-term needs.


Job site assessments include visits to the client’s job site and examining pictures from the client’s work place. We can also meet with the employer to discuss the individual’s future return to work and working conditions to ease the transition.


Our therapists are trained to complete Future Care Cost analysis and Life Care Planning for all age groups and diagnoses. We look at many factors and services to determine an accurate assessment of the the Future Care Costs for our clients.


Our certified CAT assessors can provide an assessment for the purpose of receiving a catastrophic designation. They can assess if a client meets any of the CAT criteria as stated on OCF 19. In addition, we perform a two- to three-day situational assessment at the client’s home and within their community conducting interviews about the client’s daily life and routine. This helps us to better understanding the impact of the injury on the client’s life and behaviour.


We can provide assessments for slip and fall injuries, malpractice cases, complex cases, and other medical issues in dispute. Our team can help navigate the difficult legal processes around medical suits.


Dealing with injuries and impairments can take a powerful emotional toll. Our registered social workers are skilled at supporting clients and their families in their emotional reaction to the trauma associated with injuries. They can provide in-depth assessments of the client’s emotional and social states, as well as the client’s ability to cope with their impairments. They can also assist in creating and developing coping strategies.


Our qualified occupational therapists can assess the client’s current functional abilities as they relate to his/her essential work duties at the workplace. The occupational therapist can develop a plan in collaboration with the client and the employer for returning to work. This plan often begins with a volunteer placement that gradually develops to a full return to work.


We provide driving assessments for clients with physical or cognitive impairments. This assessment is both in-clinic and in-car for a well-rounded evaluation. It is conducted by an occupational therapist trained in driving assessment and rehabilitation as well as a certified driving instructor.


Sometimes, returning to a previous job after an accident is not possible. This in-depth assessment is conducted by a trained and certified vocational counsellor to gain insight into a client’s specific abilities. We utilize a variety of standardized vocational tests to determine a client’s potential for employability following an accident or injury.